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If you plan to deploy, optimise or simply maintain SunSystems accounting software then Millennium Consulting is the “go to” company.


We are a specialist SunSystems Solutions Consultancy that delivers deployment and optimisation services to clients across the globe. Primary areas we focus on include Financials, Procurement, Time & Expense Management, Financial & Management Reporting and third-party software integration.


Estrablished in 1995, we have over 22 years’ experience supporting SunSystems clients. Our experienced teams take part in deployment, optimisation and BAU engagements and combine advanced change management capabilities with stake-holder engagement experience.  


Business Model

•  Cost-effective high calibre consultants

•  Change Management and stake holder engagement experience

•  Extensive network of consultants worldwide who have a minimum of 10 years SunSystems

   implementation/development experience

•  Quality–assured as a result of a rigorous selection process

•  Flexibility: short, medium or long term as required

•  Rapid deployment when projects are time critical

•  Internationally mobile

•  Reliability and a record of project achievement  


Skill-sets include: Change Managers, Solution Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts,

Application Consultants, Integration Consultants, Developers and Trainers etc.


To discus your challenges and how we help you achieve your SunSystems operational goals contact Phil Keet, Consulting Director on 0845 604 4262.  



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